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ashes to ashes

These traintrack abandoned buildings
- vacant yards. Only the ailanthus grows.
I remember their fecund, earthy summer scent.
       Things change.
Scenery quickly passing by – my southbound train.
I’ve made this journey before.
Ash Wednesday months prior, I rode straight to you.
On that day such contrasting laughter –
I smiled with an ash cross etched on my forehead.
All these churches blurring by – no temples this Hannukah.
Not for we two, half-breeds, no.
I took you to my high-holy Episcopal,
your token blonde-freckled WASP.
You fell in-love, a wanna be.
Where are you today? Away?
Come Christmas you’ll pay penance for your fish-wife;
Kneel in a Catholic Orthodox church – ornate and tacky –
   - sticky as your false sense of sin.

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