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It took two to hook me up;

The wires, the glue, my head

Bearing coils, an electrical Medusa.

A brain to poke and probe, the swing

Arm strobe hangs above me

Flickering fast and bright, Stare

Into the light! Someone barks.

It's an assault, all squares and triangles.

They come fast, furiously inciting

The brain spit and spike.

Strapped, I clench my fist tight,

Fight, feel my whole body tense,

The jerk, myoclonic. I am seized

By some god, all blue buzz and fury,

He turns my green eyes gray -

Silver-mirrors -- and I pray

Not to let him take me, shaking

My bones in their sockets til

I rattle like some crude shaman's

Toy. I hear the leaded needle,

Scratching on the graph, plotting

Fast the spikes and waves,

My snow-capped North,

My deep, lush South.

Jaw clenched I bite,

My tongue bleeds rubies,

Til I make the grand crossing,

Til the voyage is over, and

The Big Bad comes and I am

Dropped from his grip like

A rag doll, limp and vacant.

Eyes opened, someone says,

"Sarah, wake up. Today

you did well."

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