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For days now, I've turned around the garden stone and thought about the whole thing of it. I glide smooth, quick circles, an orbit around the birdbath and the koi pond, and still I see no way in which what you want to be can be. You have left out the variables, the a the b the c, the x axis and y may indeed intersect, but at which point and why? And if they do, are they even headed in the same direction? If they intersect then they are not parallel lines as is needed to sustain love.

Love runs parallel, it runs a steady course and forever. You are all triangles, hard-edged and sharp. A love that would leave me raw and bleeding. The garden stone says nothing, only measures the angle of the sun as she drops from the sky, faster now, night coming down hard and all about me. The bits of it like black silks I try to pick up to sew the sky back together, or perhaps I'll tuck it away and live in perpetual day. In any event, the equation is like this; if you are in a car going thirty miles and hour heading east, and I am in a car going about hundred heading west, then in time I may pass you, provided we began our journey at the same time and are on the same road heading to destinations at the end of each. But we must have started at the same time, otherwise, we could and would, easily miss each other.

This is life, this is how it goes. Traveling the same road does not mean you cross paths or are ships in the night and all that crap. All that counts are the variables for which you have not accounted - the a. the b. the c. and the sea, the ships that pass, the cars that move fast, the parallel lines the cosigns of angles, the bright garden quadrangle, the circles round the stone, the way things are as they are. It is their nature and that will never change. A. loves b. b. loves c. c loves d. and so it goes, through the end of time. But what if a loves b and b loves a? then c. can follow d, and perhaps it's meant to be, but c. cannot have a. because b. will block the path, and a. will say No way.

This is life.

This is how we live it.

This is the mind on calculus.

This is the geometry of love.


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