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adaThe Tant Mieux Project presents poetry in all its forms, written throughout the year. Poetry, in most ways, defies categorization, but that said, I've done my best to organize here. Can't find what you need or want - try the Archives and look by title - all photos are in alphabetical order. We've added a very refined SEARCH BOX which you can access below or from the left navigation which will help you find what you are looking for. If you still cannot find a thing, please do contact us. I hope you enjoy the work you see here and that sometimes, we hit home, if not always.

sadi ranson-polizzotti, midwinter - 2013





Thanks for visiting - always - sadi ranson-polizzotti, winter, 2013

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  • france, more

    1171331-857284-thumbnail.jpgHere you'll find work that was written in Paris and throughout France.  We have several sections for poetry from France on Tant Mieux, so be sure to visit all. Note that the work here represents the course of several years and will continue to grow.

    s.r.p. - 2008

  • summer poems

    469376-408000-thumbnail.jpgEvery section has a broad range of poems, so it's difficult to categorize.That said, the season can't help but sort of rub-off on you, and so here there is work that is influenced by the season - sultry, humid, hot - heated and ripe.

  • spring poems

    469376-288427-thumbnail.jpgAs i've said of other sections, you'll find a range of work here, but again, the season influeces us a great deal and more, what happens in that particular season, good or bad, turn up in the proper section. Here, look for poems that are lighter, perhaps more hopeful, indicative of the season and so changable and mercurial, switching quickly back and forth between dark and light.

  • autumn poems

    469376-290031-thumbnail.jpgAutumn may be crisp and even bright, but we know that at the end of it, we are nearing something dark - that Winter is soon approaching and we must face it. Here are poems written in Autumn that are reflective of all kinds of moods.

  • select new poems

    218255-310805-thumbnail.jpgnew poems added regularly, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and onward. Please check often for updates in this section as well as others.

  • france | the poems

    A full rendering of the France Poems. There may be some cross-over with the other France section, but no matter. The poems here are for the most part, full of life and joy and fertility and what it means to really be "at home" again.  These are poems of self, of place, of love, of observation and of dreams.

  • new love poems

  • winter poems

    469376-288430-thumbnail.jpgThe bleakest time of year - many of these poems are indicative of the season: cold, brutal, almost painful in their telling, yet each tells a story, or perhaps strung together they tell the story of the season. Still, you will find moments of joy here as well. Some of the best poems are created from such darkness.

  • midwinter poems

    469376-540025-thumbnail.jpgMidwinter is the toughest time of year for those of us here. It is bleak, seemingly un-ending, and bitterly cold.  These poems are reflective of that and how it plays on us emotionally and in the mind. Two of my favorite poems are in this section, but i'll let you choose your own.

  • other poems

    1171331-653770-thumbnail.jpgpoems that seemed to defy categorization; this should have been created long ago, so we are slowly moving poems into this section. it's a tough one, and different for everyone. this is it for us.

  • broken poems

    broken poems, broken hearts, broken lives, broken china, broken promises, anything broken, broken spirit, broken will - the emotional gamit runs here....

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