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these lots for your review, no.s 1 & 2

Posted on Friday, March 21, 2008 at 05:07PM by Registered Commentersadi ranson-polizzotti | Comments Off


I send  you these photographs (listed by number and title) and hope that some of them transmit and are in-line with what you seek at the moment. It's funny; in putting the list together I found in there all words that together formed a kind of poem when strung together. In any event, enclosed please find the following photographs for your review. I look forward to seeing which you choose. In order they are:

 No. 1   pink morning

No. 2    enigma

No. 3    femme, matin

No. 4    grand central station, rush hour

No. 5    acorn, new york city (sepia print)

No. 6    la nuque, no. 1 b/w


Lot No. 2 (also for your perusal)

No. 1    b/w nude silver gellatin print, numbered & limited

No. 2    hipswing, b/w, black border

No. 3    after Rodin, b/w nude

No. 4    clavicle b/w (femme)

No. 5    bronx walk, dark fence at woodlawn cemetery

No. 6    bronx walk, white fence with fibonacci spiral edge, woodlawn cemetery

No. 7    bronx walk, cadence

No. 8    bronx walk, stone angel, woodlawn cemetery

No. 9    grief, september 5th, new york city


All are limited edition, signed lot and numbered (1/100 & etc.). Plans for the show come along well. It's strange to see oneself on the walls as strangers mill about casting their critics eye, casting admiring glances, yet never recognizing you. Why I have become invisible. Only sans vetements do I exist... Aphrodite rising.



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