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two words | brick hijab

For you only I drop this hijab: for you only, I let it all go:
modesty, privacy, morality? Is what we do
then lacking in all value. What would Kant
make of this? Would he too partake or would he
say Do unto others as they do unto you –
God you, I would….
some Categorical Imperative.
My love for you imperative.
It knows no bounds. Love, I cannot help this.
I have fallen such heights, still I am exhalted
now higher than Mohammed, me lifted by prayer
ten thousand Amens, you pray for me the Torah,
whose pages remain untouched,
each day we make our love,
Fridays for hours – and so it is written, you tell me
And so it must, will be. The book says so.
We shall follow each word to the letter, backward serifed in our tongue
how you lick around, about me, there are so many ways
I never knew until … I came, found your easy ways,
fell to my knees, prayed I would give you up for Lent
I found you there, we half-Jews in prayer,
we in some Episcopal paradise, we were lifted high on frankincense
as the thurible chain swang and the smoke snaked about my leg,
as your knee pressed against mine and we prayed
the evening vespers that our prayer be set forth –
What did you prayer for that afternoon?
I prayed for you… for you that is…
For you to take me, to shake me, and god yes,
I was all that is blasphemous, and I was not repentant
I was a sinner, not a saint, still you polished my halo
and I shone, glowed and laughed bright and white
until I learned to build this love, brick by brick by brick
until I was sure in it, until our temple was at last solid.

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