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parallel lines

Euclid is laughing now. Me and my geometry.
My vectors on a plane. Two, that day, I tried to explain.
My naivte, you knew it all along – me and my insistence.
Those parallel lines, then run ad infinitum, I said.
They never intersect.
No, you told me, No. They meet.
So sure of this you were.
I never did understand.
Saw only the two, neatly lining up in space,
close, but never quite there.
I had not factored in time,
I had not factored in privacy,
I had not all the variables thought it through…
the simple If/Then I neglected.
If we are both parallel lines,
if we lay then horizontal
if we are given enough time (the missing variable)
if we are given enough privacy (the other variable)
then yes, it is inevitable,
the two will intersect at the cross point.
I will know it when I hear my name.

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