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4:32 a.m., august

One day and your whole life changes.
One day and that’s it.
Some snap judgment concerning this or that thing.
You’re so sure you are in your love; my lover, you say.
Secrets whispered through the wires, codified, you are electric
when we are together, electricity itself.
Take this, take that so-called love, that connection, that understanding,
that friendship, that closeness, that symbiosis, that thing that holds you near
all of it uninvited – so innocent, so pure –
Me and my naivete;
Now take it and smash it to bits.
Take your Nazi boot and grind your promises to fine glass;
Do this until you have nothing left but sand that sifts through your fingers.
Now build yourself a castle, bucket-by-bucket from shore-edge
Stand back, take that running leap,
Now destroy the whole thing ~
You’re so very good at this.

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