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the write way | nonsense poem, no. 2

Les choses que je veux te dis sont easy;

plus facile but silent she

fearing he would not comprehend,

"Encore!" she said. "C'est le voila!"

So further she explained:

The glancing biff in mullish eye was aching in the by and bye

when silvish mares fell from smitten sky

aching yisslips fell left to right, right to left.

They watched the Ha Ha Them river's tide breach Sarah's banks upon each fifth

Maydl a vaydl, sigh, yes sigh...

Maydala, Maydala, loving cry,

as privet hush-blish filled the air

it was kisses now then there then, everywhere!

"Eva and her! All is island!" she at once exclaimed

and backward pouting she, saw he and with a skiff he felled her.

Anjou-perfumed and silenceaux in such slips they compared,

their arcs, their words, their gideon sweet.

"Tis we!" said he (she quite agreed), "I to I remember thee"

"All the time, Yes, everywhere..."

Ixnay, ixnay let them say; rien rien and jam et plus!

It's always we. Oui, said she.

Hiccuping tish's up up up, down, down, down and on

his palm sherose sherose, Jerusalem, the white chalked roads,

and Szerelem, Szerelem echoed in the moment then.




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