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I did I did not want I did want
to dream what I dreamt have been dreaming
back and forthteasing with your help
So casually you enter lightly my thought
my bed my bed my bed
by the midnight hour, you say,
"I could surprise you of such things of which…
You do not say.
You didn’t want to waste time.
You lead this search and rescue mission
Shining your bright light, revealing all
No Greek hero you: just we two,
backs up against it – you had me.
That familiar mouth slid, not quite
We let it slip that day and fell to the grey.
You winked as I rounded the corner;
I watched as you faded from the rear window view.
I cried to the East River, I cried to Penn Station
But on this day, you do not let the moment pass..
instead, uptick, so absolutely gentle. so absolutely definite.
Years passion full.
So absolutely everything.

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