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unsent letter no. 2, february 22nd

Today the weather is changeable – first blue, now grey.
The sky tears occassionally – sleet on the window.
The goddess has become a real ice-bitch marking
the morning the sky cried sheets of rain and I thought of you.

The rails are clear, but cars never travel fast enough.
I remember you – driving my car last summer – all fits and starts;
you jerked us laughingly forward.

Anyway, that was then.
Life changes and not always in predictable ways;
no Lorenz Diagram one can count on – only randomness.
We are no longer factors repeating, doubling on the same plane.

I send you a note from this plane to you.
Euclid sees this love; tells me you were wrong about parallel lines –
They never do or did meet.
My proof is complete.

I sign off then with this, an em-dash, an en-dash,
An ellipsis of we…

                             ... your Heleina

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