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as you like it

Quick, Shhhhh, do not say it.
Do not hit that panic button
the one that seeks an I love you
the quick carriage return, the mirrored signal flash back
between my balcony and yours
the bright spark that parses Paris all the way to you…
I saw the minister, Saint Sulpice, confessed
such sin… Where to begin?
When was the moment exact
that I felt myself falling? When I dove
into the moss pools of your eyes and I swam
not coming up for air for so long
that when I did at last it was with such a gasp
that I heard it, did you?
tried to stop, seal my bowed-pout with honey.
You left me sticky-lipped and glowing –
beautiful in the moment…
a rising apricot rouge to my cheeks
as we sat on the bed sharing of the same spoon
I took you in whole
wondered if you would, wanted same
to know the apricot-incense tase of each
limbed freckle, white legs, these breasts,
ginger-ivory thighs; you would never forget.
Year later, I caught the scent of you;
perfect privet, mown grass and I knew then how
easily I would moan, gasp to your touch, to your words, voice,
How now when I see you
I try to hide
feel the blush-rush, the sap-rise
Must move my hand, finger to my mouth
Quick before I cry out your name,
Before I say it just as you like.

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