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How fortunate we are here at Tant Mieux to have come across the fine work of Carl (CJ) Johnson. Not only is his work, like the subjects he chooses, unusual, it is always moving in someway and always related to the ways in which we move through life, whether that is dancing, moving as we walk, travel, or even as we simply die. However we move though, Johnson captures it and does so unlike any other photographer I have ever known.

Here, you see a dancer bending in a stretch - and in many of Johnson's image, a theme of dancer's of many -kinds as they take un petit-saut, a little skip as they move through life. Or perhaps they move dramatically, but however they move, they do so with intensity that he captures in the snap of his quick shutter.

But this is not all that Carl does, though honestly, event his would be enough to satisfy us here at Tant Mieux and no doubt many more. He also captures the every day in ways that would never occur to most of us. He takes photographs of walkways, of bowling pins as they fall, of the city at night, a photo from a bus as it moves away from Manhattan; in short, he captures what we see, but fail to really see.  

We are lucky, to say the very least, to have him here on Tant Mieux. He is a consummate professional and though he exhibits casually on common sites, note that any of the work you see here is surely up for discussion. We are honored to pepper our site with Johnson's images, and when we can, when the mood is right (which is often), to use his image on the Welcome page. Welcome to Carl Johnson's work.

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s.r.p., winter, 2006


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