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left to right, people in the foreground:

jean echenoz (winner of Prix Goncourt, left w/ cigarette ~ mark polizzotti, right w/ cigarette)


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visit tant mieux | sotto voce france related sites with original poems and reviews of french film, literature, and more.

tant mieux | paris

poems and writings from Paris with illustrated with photos from our site photographers. This site has material written in France as well as material dating back. It is also used as a home for all writings from Paris and other sections of the country, especially Pressigny, and anything related to living there. Articles include what it means to be a foreigner abroad, missing home, and more.  Note that Tant Mieux does take submissions which will appear on this site under The Tant Mieux Poetry Project


sotto voce | france

general writings, reviews related to France. Film and book reviews and so on, we are still building out this site, so bear with us while we do. It should be great at a certain point ~ it is coming along and it would be super to have submissions in either French or English, poetry, fiction, review, translation and so on. Please submit through the Contact link at this site.


sotto voce | film

film reviews, including French films and many other film reviews from all countries. More film reviews can be found at under Sadi Ranson-Polizzotti, or by browsing among the many talented folk on the famous Blogcritics. All manner of film, many on here as well.


in brief

there is plenty for the curious mind on Tant Mieux. Visit Varieties of Poetic Experience and select France, Poems & Chants. Tant Mieux naturally has a great deal of work written in French or about France. You can also listen to audio versions of these poems right here on Tant Mieux, (select Poetry WAV) so welcome and enjoy browsing. Our goal is to hit as many senses as possible, so open your ears, your eyes and let the words flow through you. Thanks for visiting & being a part of the Tant Mieux Project. France, the Poems click here and France, More.

sadi ranson-polizzotti

updated, 2006