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do you see this love?

soft 3.jpgDo you see this love?

Do you see this, love?

How the past is but a bridge to the present,

so like the wide roads that lead to the Isle de la Cité

To a place so sacred and sanctified that it cannot help

but be good and by good I mean Good in the Platonic sense.

Do you see how much of what I do is for you? For us?

How you make me want to be better than I am.

How you let in the light and it shines, multi-colored

stained-glass in the church with high-vaulted ceilings.

How each time we enter, we marry, and though

the words are not spoken they are tacit, understood.

I light a taper each time.

Do you know it bears your name?

09/19/05 , Montparnasse , Paris.Fr

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