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black and white still

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Just before, a few minutes prior, I stood before the window

looking over the courtyard and dropped my simple towel

knowing full-well you were behind me with the camera,

that this image would be etched indelible in black and white.

I heard the three-time click and I moved so slight with each

as the light faded on the three. I was your beauty just bathed,

so in the moment, the photograph will confirm it.

I knew this in the after kiss, in the church-bell chime that sung

without hesitation, the clapper licking each smooth side.

Soon we would sound-out to Paris as the autumn fell

all around us as my towel hit the marble as the clock chimed

as you kissed me as we made love within the frame.

I held it all tight in the tick-tock of my heart.

09/20/05 , Hotel Langlois, Paris.Fr

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