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interlude | afternoon song

It's hard to pack up

As if in packing we

we were packing up altogether

giving up the plan

That for two weeks

Sustained us. The idea

Of it, of us living here,

So in love with the all of it.

I hate that this

Soft afternoon is

Our last. That come day

break we return to America,

To sunblasted brightness,

every thing large.

Here, love, we seem

So sustainable, containable.

One needn't live large

To live big -- to live, to live.

The old fear, do you feel it?

It drags, settles in,

The heavy rope of past.

We have dragged it for so long.

Pray, let's give it up

Somewhere along the way.

We lost it, crept out

From shadow, free

To seek and find as children.

I find you here...

Stay close now, darling.

I'll rock you through the night.

I know it in my heart.

It whispers soft to me.

Awaits our return.

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