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Along with the many other images exhibited and made of use on Tant Mieux by our friends, SRP exhibits her own work as well, which is also sold and exhibited through various (virtual) venues and is bought by collectors of photography.

The sections here are two-fold; one, each image in each section is of course, for sale and if you wish, if there is a story behind any image, you will receive a copy of the story to accompany the piece; two, these are by no means all of the images available, but a representative sampling to give you a sense of the work that I do.

This work is from all over the world, some places named, some not, and of many people - most of whom will forever remain anonymous which in this documentarians view, allows the viewer to build a story around the image, for some indeed are reminscent of characters from the pages of history.

Other scenes are typically New York City or typically Parisian - typical in that they capture the every day hum-drum of what it means to be a citizen of each city's strange land. These are not 'tourist shots' by any stretch. They are shots that capture life as it is at that very moment - a quick snap and a moment is frozen forever and history is preserved. This is what it means to be a documentarian. You can read some thoughts on this here if you feel so moved.

I photograph because I have to. It is a compulsion. I crop when I shoot, not after. I shoot what I see - and I ask no questions later. What I see, well, that is what you get.

I hope you'll look through the galleries and if you would like to be in touch about any of this work or other work please do contact me. You may simply click there, or use the Images contact link in this section or any contact link on this site, but the link above is active for ease.

For Galleries - thanks for visiting, and I hope you'll see work here that you like. Please note that there are many more photographs that are not represented here, so use the contact link to see more. Do contact me at any time using the link above.



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