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It's Spring here and the trees are full and green. I feel I've been cocooned for some time now, writing but not publishing, thinking but not writing, and having lots to say but afraid or unsure of how to say it.  That has never happened to me before - I always found a way to say things but now I am quite sure that some things remain in the heart like a murmur that begs to be translated and put out there. 

Here you'll find then fresh articles - the first of which is The Basement Tapes: A Grief Revisited. The articles and poems here remain, as they always have been, intensely person, intensely honest, so much so that at times I am sure i cut a vein when I write. 

We'll be adding new sections to poetry - and although most of the old poetry will remain, it is time for new work that i hope is relevant and accessible. There will also be new articles as usual - cultural commentary, articles on whatever piques my interest at a given moment, book reviews as well as music reviews and i hope to get back to the popular List of the Moment - tant mieux's music column.

So stick around and browse - discover, delight, comment, contact, and most of all - welcome to tant mieux. I'm glad you're here.





Be safe. Be good.

sadi ranson

editorial director, the tant mieux project

member PEN American Society 


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